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Extreme Reading with Dexter Class

Over half term, we set an extreme reading challenge - to have a photo taken whilst reading in the strangest of places. We will add to the gallery above, as we receive more photos. Please feel free to send us any at any time. The more frequently children read books and listen to stories, the better readers they will become in later life. In Dexter Class, we firmly believe in the importance of story telling, regular reading and listening to stories. We share quality texts with the children every day, we read to them and use multimedia (Oxford Owl Storyteller clips) and audio books. We have just added the 'Teach Your Monster to Read' app, which is normally a paid app but is currently to downl

This Week in Friesian Class

This week we are continuing our unit on persuasive writing. We have looked into the reasons for and against using plastic and will be holding a debate on the subject. So far, the children have been very passionate in discussions about the damage that plastic can cause to sea creatures and how we can limit our plastic use. In Maths, we are continuing with our fractions and decimals unit. This week we will finish up tenths and hundredths, and how we express these as decimals. We have researched Fair Trade and what it means for farmers and other producers around the world. We are very pleased to have finished our Picasso heads from our Art Day with Mrs Adams and they are now on display in the

This Week in Belted Galloway

This week, Belted Galloway class will be continuing to develop their understanding of discussion texts in English. We will be using 'Letters from the Lighthouse' as our book for whole class guided reading: the children are enjoying this book, and empathising about the lives of evacuees during the war. We aim to extend our written calculation of fractions by looking at multiplication, as well as revising written methods for multiplication and division of whole numbers. This week is a club maths week, so the children will have a chance to achieve personal bests, which they are always excited about. Please note that due to the extreme weather that has been forecast, we will be postponing our Wo


Today the Worship Team delivered an assembly on Forgiveness. We looked at an acrostic poem and discussed about how God forgives everyone and gives them a clean slate. The team lead the worship without the adults and did a fantastic job. Well done Worship Team!

This Week in Hereford

What a fantastic start to the week! We were lucky enough to have Mrs Adams in all day on Monday, when we produced sculptures, paintings and collages. Please come into the hall to see what we've done! We are continuing our Maths work on fractions where we are now finding fractions of objects, sets and quantities. Y1 are looking at finding halves and quarters whilst Y2 are looking at this as well as thirds and three quarters. We continue with our English story where we are innovating Tuesday. Please note that due to the extreme weather that has been forecast, we will be postponing our Work Book Day activities. Children should attend school in their normal school uniform on Thursday. On Friday

This Week in Dexter Class

This week we will be introducing the sounds ur, ow and oi in Phonics and will be using these sounds and the others we have learned, to write stories which we will act out. The classroom has already been transformed into a hospital, with its very own ambulance and ambulance parking bay! Each patient has their own notes to ensure that they receive the correct medicine. This has led to discussions about people who help us and how we can keep ourselves safe around medicines. The cold weather has produced some interesting ice sculptures in the outside area, where broken chunks of ice from last week have refrozen and stuck together. As the temperature continues to drop through the week, we will b

Hereford Class Art Day

Hereford class were lucky enough to have local artist, Sam Adams in for a whole day of Art! We created rich and poor people of London along with boats to sail down the river Thames. This was added to our Tudor houses, which we sculpted this term to create a huge Fire of London Scene. We used many skills and have had a fantastic day!

Dexter's Dinosaurs

This week we have had great fun learning about dinosaurs. One of the children told us something that they had found out before we had even done the register on Tuesday morning and before long, we had been to the library to find information books, were making 'skeletons' from cotton buds, drawing pictures of dinosaurs, creating them from Mobilo and cardboard boxes, completing dinosaur dot to dots, making up subtraction stories about dinosaurs, researching on the internet, creating dinosaur habitats, writing stories about dinosaurs and learning lots of new vocabulary (herbivore, carnivore, omnivore, predator, prey, meteor, volcano and ice age - not to mention dinosaur names!) We have discussed

This week in Dexter Class

Welcome back! We are looking forward to another exciting term and will begin this week by looking back at the sounds we have already learned and will be introducing the sound 'igh'. We will also be spending time revising the tricky and high frequency words that we have learned so far. In Maths we will be looking at calculations and will take part in the Maths Club Challenges and will also be learning about subtraction, using the book 'Red Riding Hood's Maths Adventure' by Lalie Harcourt and Rick Wortzman. Our welly walk will take place on Wednesday afternoon, so please make sure that all waterproofs and wellies are back in school (and fit!) It is due to be chilly, so gloves and hats are adv

This week in Hereford Class

Welcome back to the new term! We have a student teacher joining us this term. Miss Parsons will be planning and teaching some areas of the Hereford Curriculum. She has already completed a placement at Avening Primary School and we are looking forward to working alongside her. This week we are excited to be writing stories linked with 'Tuesday' by David Weisner. We wrote some fantastic paragraphs detailing the main events of Tuesday and are ready to use these events to create our own exciting and imaginative stories. In maths we are starting our topic on fractions. Y1 will be finding halves and quarters whilst Y2 will look at thirds as well as fractions with a numerator larger than 1. We are

This week in Friesian Class

Welcome back! We hope you have had a lovely half term and are looking forward to all the fun things that we have got planned for this term. This week we are starting a new English unit on persuasive writing. We will be using the book 'Why the Wales Came' by Michael Morpurgo as a hook and looking at sea pollution in order to inform our writing. In Maths we will be continuing with fractions. We will be looking at unit and non-unit fractions and will also begin to solve problems with equivalent fractions. In RE we will introduce our new 'Forgiveness' value and look at what it really means to forgive somebody. Over the next few weeks we will be looking at a range of drawing skills. The children

This week in Belted Galloway

This week in Belted Galloway we will be launching a number of new topics. In English, we will be capitalising on the children's keen interest in debating issues by beginning a block of work on discussion texts. Maths will see the children deepen their understanding of fractions, focusing on completing all four number operations in using fractions and consolidating finding fractions of quantities. We will be looking at our new value for the term - Forgiveness - and considering what this means to the children, as well as continuing our work on digital art in Computing and River processes in Geography. Please note: PE and Spanish will now take place on Wednesday afternoons rather than Monday af

The Cow Hunt Is Coming!

It might seem like the summery sunshine of May is miles away, but preparations for the Cow Hunt are already underway! There will be a big communication from the Cow Hunt Committee after half term asking for all sorts of help. We’ll be asking families to dress cows (so get your thinking caps on now to come up with an original name for a cow), asking people to bake – we sell the equivalent of 28 pieces of cake for every child in the school, and that all comes from the fabulous bakers at Amberley! Finally, we’ll be asking for lots of help over the cow hunt weekend. It takes about 650 man hours to stage the cow hunt, so every hour of help that parents, grandparents and other relatives can give

E-Safety Week

This week we have been raising the children's awareness of online safety whilst taking part in Safer Internet Centre's national campaign. This year's focus is entitled 'Create, Connect and Share Respect - A better internet starts with you' and looks at the issues of safety and personal responsibility regarding commenting and posting online, social media, messaging and email. If you would like to find out more about the centre's work, and learn how you can help your family stay safe online, please visit where you can find advice for parents and carers. The Children's Commissioner recently produced a report entitled 'Life in Likes'. It determined that while 8-10 year olds use social media in a

Friesian Art Day

Last week we were very fortunate to work with the brilliant local artist, Sam Adams. We have been looking at Picasso and cubism in particular. Sam taught us all about Picasso's life and we looked at some of his different work. We then made 3D Picasso heads in the style of cubism. We use wooden pots that had been cut into a head shape (Sam's husband spent his whole weekend doing this for us). We then stuck on faces, thinking about the idea of cubism. Finally, we covered these in Modroc, which was very fun and messy! We are looking forward to painting them when they have dried. Thank you so much to the PTA for allowing us to do this.

Severn Trent's Water Assembly

On Tuesday 23rd January, a man called Paul Tingle came to our school to tell us how we could stop wasting water. After the assembly we all know how much water we waste and how lucky we are. To start with Mr Tingle showed us the difference between river water and our normal everyday water. The time it takes for the cleaning process is rather surprising. He then told us how the water gets back through the servers. After that, he explained that fat, oil and grease block them really easily. Baby wipes also get stuck. Mr Tingle has told us that there are three flushable p’s. These are paper, pee and poo. He also gave us the challenge of having a four minute shower, which takes 36 litres of water.

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