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Fairy tale focus

This week we have continued our work on fairy tales, in response to the children's interests. We have written our own versions of Jack and the Beanstalk, performed plays (created stages, designed scenery, produced tickets and programmes), designed, made, tested and altered parachutes for Jack to aid his escape from the top of the beanstalk, worked out double the weight for items listed by the giant, talked about and compared sizes using a giant footprint, role played part of famous fairy tales, created bridges for the Three Billy Goats gruff and much more! As you can see, using the children's interests as the starting point for our learning makes it more exciting and therefore more engaging

Year 1/2 trip to Bristol Zoo

On Wednesday, Hereford class were lucky enough to visit Bristol Zoo as part of their work on their topic 'Poles Apart', where they have been looking at different habitats around the world. The day was a great success and the children learned much about different species and how they would survive in the wild. The children were able to find out a bit more about why some animals are kept in captivity and discuss some of the issues surrounding this. The children were exceptionally well behaved and all adults we re proud of them. All children participated in an educational workshop where they were hands on with creatures and explored how their needs were met within their habitats. We asked the

Elephant Enrichment Day

Today we held an enrichment day focusing on the decline in elephant populations and the incredible work being undertaken by the conservation organisation, Shared Universe Foundation. The children were shocked to discover that by the time their own children are adults, there may not be any elephants living in the wild in Africa. They used an exciting range of cross curricular skills including statistical analysis, persuasive writing, art, cooking, woodwork and design. They experienced 360 degree virtual reality 'Nature Racers' software in order to watch a documentary about the capture and release of elephants in South Africa and live video chatted with a ranger for the conservation area. The

Nesting Instinct

After our nest investigations last week, on our welly walk this week, we set the children the challenge of creating giant nest that would fit the whole class in. They had to remember what a nest might be made of and find similar natural materials to make their own. There was a great sense of teamwork as they went off to find suitable sticks, soft leaves (using the leaf id cards that they use each week to identify plants that they can touch) and wild garlic flowers. One stick that was found had fungi growing on it and the children remembered that they are not to touch any type of mushroom or fungi. Their learning throughout the year came into fruition, as they carried sticks by placing their

Welly Walking

Each Week we go on a welly walk and as part of this we explore the area known as the guardianship in order to identify changes that have taken place. We then decide whether these are due to human or animal influence or as a result of the changing seasons. On our welly walk last week one of the children called out to tell us that they had found a peacock! Whilst we were pretty confident that it wasn't a peacock, we weren't sure if it was all part of an elaborate role play, or reality. Sure enough, hidden amongst the wild garlic was a male pheasant. The children kept their distance, but had a careful look. When we returned from our walk, we went on to find out more about pheasants. This got us

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