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Road Safety

This week in Dexter class we were excited about learning about road safety, as part of the school Road Safety Awareness Day. We not only raced against a speedometer, checked out the flashing lights and sirens of the police car, but actually got to sit in it! When we were back in class, the children heard all about a teddy bear who had not been strapped into the car he was travelling in. He was thrown to the floor in the driver's foot well when the car had to stop suddenly, and was badly hurt. The children were asked to choose a show box each and design a car seat for a teddy bear and they took up the challenge like Sammy Squirrel! It was so lovely to see them all using their learning powers

Easter Garden

This week we have been learning about the Easter Story and as part of our learning, we have created a class Easter Garden. On our welly walk we collected moss, stones and sticks to put into the garden and Mrs Smith kindly bought in some plants. We have created a tomb, to show where Jesus' body was laid to rest and Calvary Hill with three crosses. As we planted the plants, we looked closely at their structures and learned about the function of bulbs, roots, stems and flowers, noting the similarities and differences between the plants. We have added cress seeds, so that we can see how plants grow (and won't have to wait very long!). We have also looked at other plants and flowers that were bo

Trapping the Evil Peas

What an exciting week it has been! We began the week by reading 'Supertato' by Sue Hendra, which provided us with lots of exciting ideas to use to further our understanding of the world and develop our learning. We have been on an Evil Pea hunt, searching for the naughty runaways who 'went bad' when their freezer was turned off! Each pea that we found had a tricky digraph written on the back, which we then used to write words and sentences. We have designed and created our own pea traps, using a variety of different materials and considering how we will entice the peas inside the traps. Some of the children took this further by transforming the wendy house into a giant trap. They had to work

Parents - Are you a 'sharent'?

Have you considered that your actions and what you share online also play a big party in your child’s online safety? Recent evidence reveals ‘the average parent will share their child’s image online nearly 1000 times before their fifth birthday (The Parent Zone, 2015). Are you a ‘sharent’? Before you share again, take a read of this Think u Know article. (

Handa's Suprise

As always there has been an explosion of learning through play and first-hand experience both inside the classroom and our ever evolving outdoor area! With the children guiding their learning we have developed our writing and maths skills through a variety of ways; the story Handa’s Surprise led to an interesting discussion about different types of fruit. This paved the way for bar graphs, shopping lists and studying the globe to find out where fruits come from, before tasting fruits from around the world. A greengrocers was set up by the children and through the week has developed into a general store- even selling beds! Problem solving activities in the "homes" role-play led to the pro

Helicopter Stories

This week we have introduced 'Helicopter Stories', a way of developing story telling and story acting in the Early Years. We began by creating a stage on the carpet, using masking tape. All the children had a front row seat, by using the stage in a 'theatre in the round' style. We began by reading the children a story that had been written by a child of a similar age and invited children to take turns at acting out the story as it was narrated. When we had finished, the children were asked if they would like to write their own stories, or dictate a story to an adult, so that it could be acted out later in the day. We have been astounded by the enthusiasm of the children and have had several

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