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KS2 e-safety

On Thursday 23rd February, PCSO Tanya White came into class and explained about sharing personal data online before we watched a film. It too, was about personal details and showed a metaphorical tale of a girl that shared her personal details online and what the consequences were. The following day, Year 4 and 5 went to a play at Gastrells School. It was about a girl show was 'sucked into' the internet because she was careless on the internet. Spam and Virus were the two main characters, but she eventually learned her lesson. One of the main points of the show was to show that bullying in real life is the same as bullying online.

Car Wash

This week we have had great fun at the car wash. The journey started when we discovered that the water tray had some rather muddy water at the bottom. The children wanted to help me clean it, so we worked out what we would need, wrote a list and got to work. It wasn't long before someone asked if they could clean the bikes as well.... and the car wash was born! Before long, we were writing booking forms, price lists and receipts and making posters as well as developing our gross motor skills with washing and then counting money to pay! All the children were involved and we even ended up with a miniature version in the builder's tray, where the cars, complete with mini number plates, were tak

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