Belted Galloway Home Learning

Welcome to the Belted Galloway's home learning page.
During school closure,  activities for your child to complete at home will be uploaded to this page.
Everyone will have a different daily timetable due to parental work commitments, family arrangements and access to computers and printers. In light of this, we will be adding a variety of activities which will be suitable for each year group. Please feel free to select the activities which best fit your home circumstance. Please feel free to get in touch if you have any issues or if you would like to feed back on the activities on offer. 

Please note that there are also a variety of websites and learning opportunities on the whole school learning page.


This page is best viewed on a laptop or PC. 

Specific Tasks
Year 5
Year 6

Downloadable worksheets

Downloadable worksheets

Other Learning Opportunities


Corbett Maths have worksheets on every area of maths with supporting ‘how to’ videos and answers. They also have a 5 a day section with mixed questions (bronze, silver, gold and platinum levels available). 


Learn languages for free via the web or by downloading the app.


Prodigy Maths - Is in U.S. grades, but good for UK Primary age.


Literacy Shed 
A variety of films available that can be used as inspiration for writing. 

Online streaming service of books - a subscription service with1 month free trial. 

Oxford Owl for Home - 

Lots of free resources for Primary age.
Please see home learning packs for class logins. 

Mystery Science 
Free science lessons



Crest Awards 

Science awards you can complete from home


National Geographic Kids -

A wealth of information on a huge variety of areas. 

Geography Games 

Geography gaming!


British Council 

Resources for English language learning

50 recommended reads for each year group

which can be accessed through the Kindle App on smart phones, tablets  or on a Kindle reader. 

The Artful Parent 

Good, free art activities 



Red Ted Art 

Easy arts and crafts 


Blockly - Learn computer programming skills - fun and free.


All kinds of making.

Develop coding skills within the free online computer programming software.

Please find the down load link on our main class page


Computer game programming. This software is free to download on computers but can also be accessed on Xbox. Children design and code their own computer games. 



A wealth of home learning resources.

Paw Print Badges 

Free challenge packs and other downloads.
Many activities can be completed indoors.
Badges cost but are optional.

Primary Homework  Help

A wealth of information for a variety of topic areas. A great site for researching history and creating fact files. 


It will take a little getting used to, but we have been hard at work preparing the school for returning pupils. Everyone will have their own set of equipment and will be sitting 2 metres apart from each other.